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Love & Relationship Coaching & Mentoring

Relationship Coaching - Transform Your Love Life | Expert Guidance

Are you struggling in your relationships? Experience the transformative power of relationship coaching. As an expert & experience coach I can provide you with guidance, tools, and support to help you build fulfilling and lasting connections. Take control of your love life today and unlock a future filled with happiness and intimacy.

Relationship Coaching

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Relationship Transformation Mentor Program

This mentor program sets itself apart from the conventional couple speech therapy. The ultimate objective is for you to rediscover the path leading back to your HEART.

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Communication Accelerator Program

Introducing a Revolutionary 4-Step Program to Reignite Your Relationship!

Reboot Yourself After Breakup

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Life Transformation For Healing & Finding Love Mentor Program

Introducing the Life Transformation Program specially designed to support individuals seeking to rejuvenate themselves following a breakup, aiding in their recovery from the emotional and mental distress triggered by the end of a relationship.

Love Coaching

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Strong Enough For Love Mentor Program

Has been designed for people who want to find their soulmate, who are strong enough to easily accept new points of view and are able to quickly adapt new skills, methods and habits for getting the desirable outcome.

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Communication Accelerator Program

Introducing a Revolutionary 4-Step Program to Reignite Your Relationship!

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Self-Confidence Accelerator

This Program is designed to support individuals who have a clear sense of what they desire in life, but find themselves struggling with low self-esteem, which hinders them from confidently expressing themselves in the world.

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Find Your Feminine Power Mentor Program

If you’re a woman who feels like she has lost her sense of self amidst the daily grind, this program is designed just for you. If your life feels dull and your femininity and allure have faded away, look no further than this program – it is the perfect choice to help you regain your sparkle.

Happy Clients!

Bernadett works with heart and soul, she is present with her whole being during every consultation. Her positive life energy even comes through on the video call. It’s quite another thing to work with a consultant who not only understands, but FEELS what I’m talking about. Thanks to her holistic methods, I am now able to look at things from a different perspective, as well as myself. I received useful advice, guidance, techniques and new points of view from her, which helped me to be able to change my thinking, my attitude and thus my feelings in order to solve my difficulties.

Thank you very much for everything I received from you. Your constructive insights into who and what I really am, your reassuring advice, your kind, encouraging words, your smiling personality and your positive aura. I already know from experience that whoever chooses you will definitely be able to move forward with you through difficult times…

Bernadette Csiki

Early Development Teacher Stockholm, Sweden

2 years ago, I was first in a situation where I needed the help of a professional to solve a situation in my life at the time. At the suggestion of a friend, I asked for Bernadett’s help. I had a very pleasant conversation during the free video call. I told her some things about my life and my current difficulties. Our face-to-face conversations always take place in a calm and relaxed environment. It was a big surprise for me that, despite my introverted personality, I was able to talk to her very honestly from the first moment. This has not changed since then. I haven’t had a problem that we couldn’t solve together. Recently, a problem concerning my health was also discussed. I’ve had a few rashes on my face for years and I didn’t know what was causing them. Bernadett said that there could probably be a dietary problem in the background and gave suggestions on what to change if I wanted to improve. Since then, I have changed and fortunately the improvement is also visible on my face, which several people have already noticed.

I got to know her as a very kind, helpful and wise woman.

Tamas Csibrik

Rework Technician UK - Andover (Hampshire)

Since I met Bernadett, something has changed in my life. I can better see where I want to go, what makes me happy. She opened my eyes that everything starts with me. With me, with the woman, the partner, the mother. I understood that if I am comfortable in my own skin, then my loved ones are also comfortable. If I want to give to my children, I have to give to myself first. But that was just the beginning. All her words so far, whether the topic was femininity, relationship coaching, or everyday struggles with children. Coupled with all this is her reassuring, kind, honest personality, which brightens up my days and gives me renewed strength when I’m down. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Violet Marton

Nutrition & Health Consultant, Mother of three UK - Skelmersdale (Lancashire)

I participated in Life Coaching and found Bernadett to be such an amazing, genuine, caring Lady. She was very professional, positive and understanding. She helped me to get a better understanding for my life journey. She has a great attitude and I highly recommend her.

Karren Fraser-Knight

Mother of 2 & Karaoke DJ. UK - Widnes, (Cheshire)

From the first moment, Bernadett looked at me as if she had known me for a long time. Her incredible knowledge of people and her love provides immediate security. After each conversation I always have plenty to think about. Bernadett asks me her questions with such sensitivity. Her perseverance and drive in helping are exemplary! I highly recommend her!

Dorottya Onody

Business Owner, Seamstress of Celebrities Budapest, Hungary

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