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Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

Hi, I'm Bernadett, a bilingual life coach & this is my story

I was born in Hungary, on the coast of Lake Balaton, and grew up in a fabulous lakeside settlement. God has blessed this region with a lot of beauty and unearthly peace. Within England, the desire to be close to natural water drew me to Portsmouth.

My parents raised me according to rural values. I was not a spoiled child, I was prepared for life. 

I made a personal choice to dedicate myself to hard work and during the grammar school breaks when I turned 15, I lovingly looked after my younger sister when I had time off, which greatly contributed to my ability to develop a strong sense of responsibility from a young age.

My mother always said, “My Sweetheart, you have two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much as you speak”.

I accepted her advice and started paying attention to people. I found that I enjoyed listening to them, I was genuinely interested in how they felt, what happened to them, what problems they had, what their plans and goals were. They looked for me, for my company and they were happy to spend time with me and asked for my opinion.

I enjoyed so much dealing with people and supporting them, that I decided to constantly gain my academic knowledge and experience about human’s behaviour, verbal- and non verbal communication, the power of unconscious mind, mainly related with paradigm shift, the different personality types, how our brain and nervous system works, cognitive behavioural therapy and NLP also. My daughter and her autism related struggles made me become a holistic therapist and Reiki Master as well, leaving the office environment behind.

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

There were difficulties in my life too, but I chose life & happiness......ALWAYS

My private life has also given me plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development, because in the last two decades I have experienced mental illnesses in relationships first hand, and this led me to study and get knowledge to increase my understanding and being able to successfully help others.

I have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of supporting the physical, mental, & spiritual well-being of others

So, I found myself prepared to embark on a journey as a life coach.

After engaging with hundreds of clients and having thousands of conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds all across the globe, hailing from various countries, cultures, and lifestyles, I have come to a profound realisation. The ultimate desire that resides within each individual is a yearning for togetherness – a longing for a blissful, harmonious relationship and a deep-seated need for emotional security.

Drawing upon my extensive observations, academic knowledge, and personal experiences, I have meticulously crafted unique programs to assist people in their pursuit of love and finding a compatible partner. Moreover, these programs also focuses on fostering mental, emotional, and physical equilibrium for a well-rounded life.

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Soul Harmony with Bernadett

My Coaching Methodology

My coaching & mentoring services are tailored & exclusive, ensuring a personalised experience. I adopt a holistic approach to address all aspects of your development

My coaching method is not based on money, status, short-term tactics, like pick-up lines. Instead, I focus on helping you be your authentic self. I am committedly working to help you to understand how to harness your natural feminism, or masculine energy and to develop the magnetism that draws your dream partner to you, or how to keep your partner for long term. During my coaching session, I use my professional studies together with my spiritual sense and knowledge that I acquired as a Reiki Master.

My main focus is always on building strong self-confidence, developing communication, building trust, self-love, love & joyful intimacy between the partners, alongside recovering from emotional trauma

Over the past 15 years of working with my clients, I have consistently encountered the same relationship issues. I have come to realise that couples who possess kind, honest, and respectful communication, along with a genuine desire to understand each other and prevent misunderstandings, have the ability to overcome any challenge together. Trust plays a crucial role in fostering such quality communication.

However, a joyful love life requires more than just trust. The key to a successful relationship is genuinely loving one another. But only those who have learned to love themselves first are capable of deeply loving someone else. Without self-love, there is no possibility of establishing a strong emotional connection with another person.

I have also observed that even if communication, trust, and love thrive in a relationship, it can still falter if partners do not consistently engage in passionate and regular physical intimacy. If we imagine our relationship as a four-legged table, where every leg belongs to one essential area of a relationship, like communication, trust, love and intimacy, we can easily understand, if we remove just one leg of our table, it will still function on three legs, but if we remove two legs of our table, that it will definitely fall over, just like if we remove two legs of our relationship, it will surely break down.

With my mentoring programs you can be 100% sure, that you will get all the tools for solid foundation, which bring your desired results!

Now this is Your Time to Manifest your Dream Life & Passionate Relationship

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